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NEW MEMBERS:  Eight new members were accepted at the May meeting.  Total membership numbers are uncertain at this moment due to the renewal process, but that makes a total of 31 new members accepted since the top max was increased to 350.


STATUS OF MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS:  Considerably ahead of last year, 282 valid renewals have been received, which comprises a 93% renewal rate, and a new record, with some time remaining….previous record was 90%.  Membership cards have already been sent to all who had a valid renewal into the club post office box by May 8th, so if yours appears to have gone astray please advise.


UPPING THE ANTE ON VANDALISM:  Effective immediately, the reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution of anyone found willfully vandalizing club property has been raised to TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($1,200).  This in response to the….uh….person…..recently using a rifle as a saw on target frames and perpetrating other damage as well.  If you observe such, contact a club officer to report and hopefully claim your reward.  Do not attempt to confront this person, but instead get a vehicle license plate number and the club officers will do the rest.

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RANGE CLOSURE:  The South half of the range will be reserved for the exclusive use of an Air Force National Guard unit on Friday May 19th from 8 AM until about 5 PM.  Your cooperation will be appreciated during this closure.


“FAST AND FURIOUS” COWBOY SHOOT:  The Cowfolk will be holding their annual 2-day event over the Memorial Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday May 27 and 28.  This will consist of a wide variety of matches and will not necessarily be restricted to the normal Cowboy lanes, so your cooperation is requested if they are already using a range that you had planned upon your arrival.  The Cowfolk will need additional help to hold their matches, and you may call Steve Kinser at 620-345-3151 or Tony Duncan at 620-662-9909 to volunteer or do your 8-hour work commitment.


JUNE MEETING:  There is no general membership meeting until July, but an Executive Committee meeting will be held AT THE RANGE at 6:30 PM, on Monday June 12.  As usual, this is open to any member who might wish to attend as well.


HPD RANGE USE:  Hutchinson Police will have exclusive use of the south half of the range on Thursday May 18 and Thursday June 22, from 8 AM to 1 PM.  Your cooperation is appreciated during their training periods.


HIGH POWER RIFLE SCHEDULE:  They will hold 200/300/600-yard NRA-approved “across-the-course” matches on Saturday May 20 and Saturday June 3.  M1903 Springfield shooters will compete for a special trophy on June 3 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 30-06 cartridge.  Kansas State Rifle Assoc. will hold the state championship matches at our range on Saturday June 10, followed the next day by an Excellence in Competition “leg” match (service rifle only) and a John C. Garand match requiring the use of an M1 rifle to compete.  For more information, call Randy Lawrence at 620-662-4958.  Randy has work available for new members needing hours to complete their 8-hour work commitments.


YOUTH PROGRAM:  Chief Instructor Bill Dawes reports that they are currently offering shotgun and also 22-rifle programs.  You may call Bill for more information or their schedule at 620-585-6440 or email wpd@southwind.net.  You may also contact Bill if you are a junior shooter, know a junior shooter to recruit, or are a rifle shooter who would like to help with the program.


SHOTGUN PROGRAM:  Still shooting trap, skeet and 5-stand their normal 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons at 1 PM and also each Tuesday and Thursday evenings at about 4 PM or so.  They have plenty work available for those needing time to complete their mandatory 8-hour work commitment.  Call Dennis Dester at 620-543-2746, Steve Seltzer at 620-663-6980 or Ken Ewing at 620-665-7525 for more information.

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ACTION PISTOL PROGRAM:  Their next match will be Sunday June 11 and you may call Greg Dick at 620-669-9735 for their schedule or more information.


RIFLES FOR VETERANS PROJECT:  Central Kansas Gun Club has received recognition on the CMP website for our recent donation of funds to provide a rifle for this ad hoc organization that presents M1 and other rifles to wounded veterans.  Also thanks to several shooters at a recent High Power Rifle match who dug into their own pockets to donate money to the group.  For more information about the goals of this organization, or to donate your own money, call Jerry Maxfield at 620-663-8666 or Harold Mauck at 620-662-7060 or Randy Lawrence at 620-662-4958.


ARMED FORCES APPRECIATION SPORTING CLAYS:  The Kansas Army National Guard will hold this event on Saturday May 20th at Ravenwood Lodge in Topeka from 8 AM to Noon.  Price is $22 for individuals, or $27 for each team shooter, shells not included.  $2 discount for early registration or veterans or guardsmen.  All participants will receive a prize, with better prizes for Top Shooter and Top Team, including a Winchester model 1300 shotgun.  For more information, call SFC Darin Fahey at 785-274-1090 or 785-806-2154.


FOR SALE:  Model 12 Winchester shotgun with release trigger, and good shot shell reloading equipment with powder scales, shot, powder, primers, wads, powder and a big batch of good 12 ga. Winchester hulls.  Call Rex Simpson at 620-241-2514.


WANTED:  Smith & Wesson 22-cal. Revolver, Model 17 or 18.  Call Donald Haskard at 620-663-3643—Sorry, Don!  We forgot you last month!


WANTED:  Steve Stringos (phone 620-662-4689) needs a good finger-groove stock for M1903 Springfield rifle, either for purchase or will trade M1917 or M1 Garand stock.


FOR SALE:  Gary Nichols has a Cabelas Gun Dog training kit, including 2 rechargeable, waterproof digital remote training collars, battery charger, batteries, hardware and instructions.  Unit is rated at 1000-yards range.  Purchased last February and never used, but has been charged and is ready to go.  Paid $329, will take $250.  Call Gary at 620-669-9995.


GUN SHOW:  Reported to be one at the Wichita Coliseum in June, but nothing found to so verify or confirm dates.  Check the paper…..


HE SAID IT:  “I think it would be a great thing if these fast-food outlets and these slaughterhouses and these laboratories, and the banks that fund them, exploded tomorrow.  Hallelujah to the people who are willing to do it.”  Bruce Friedrich, Director of Vegan Outreach for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), speaking to a group of animal-rights activists, quoted in Delta Waterfowl’s Spring 2006 magazine.


OTHER CULTURAL ODDITIES:  Private ownership of land is “morally problematic and a lousy idea” according to Eric Freyfogle, University of Illinois’ College of Law, whilst featured speaker at the Open Space Conference in North Platte, Nebraska, hosted by the Nebraska Environmental Trust.  Reported in the March 6, 2006 issue of Feedstuffs magazine.  One pauses to reflect upon the kind of law they must be teaching at the University of Illinois these days.  Watch your private property rights, or they won’t be.


OTHER KANSAS CLUBS:  A quick internet search turned up the following:


Air Capital Gun Club (Whitewater/Wichita) charges annual dues of $89 PLUS $45 for spouse PLUS $14 for each junior shooter.  Initiation fee for new members is $100.


Capital City Gun Club (Topeka) charges annual dues of $105.  Initiation fee for new members is only $20 BUT a KBI background check is required of new members, and a six month wait for background check is possible.


Wozer.  CKGC seems to be a bargain compared to these……