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of the Central Kansas Gun Club Hutchinson, Kansas

OP # 1

The order of the CKGC'x meetings shall be:

A. Call to Order

B. Reading of the Minutes

C. Treasurers Report

D. Old Business

E. New Business

F. New Members

G. Chairman's Reports (If Applicable)

H. Adjournment I. Program (If Applicable)

OP # 2
The "annual club dues" shall be $60.00.
OP # 3
The "new member initiation fee" shall be ½ club dues.
OP # 4

It is the responsibility of the "member" to inform the secretary of address changes. After two (2) mailings are returned for "wrong" address the member will be taken off the mailing list.

OP # 5 The Annual meeting and Regular meetings shall be held in the Law Enforcement Center, 210 West 1st Ave., Hutchinson, KS at 1930 hours (7:30 PM) as set forth by the Bylaw.

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OP # 6 Membership shall be limited to 250 members. Members in good standing shall have the first chance to reup.
OP # 7 Monthly payment arrangements may be made with the Treasurer; membership cards will be given to the member when full payment is received.
OP # 8 Membership cards with the gate combination will be mailed prior to April 30th. The gate lock combination will be changed April 30th of each year.
OP # 9 All Board members shall have 1 vote-voting rights.
OP # 10 Flowers will be sent to memorial services for CKGC members or members of their family residing in the home of a member or as requested by the family. Notice of services shall be reported to the club Secretary.
OP # 11 The yearly Swaps will be held at the March & September regular meetings.
OP # 12 The club fiscal year shall be April 1st to March 31st, and the club will conduct its financial business according to a yearly budget. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of the yearly budget, and will present the proposed budget for adoption at the first Executive Committee meeting in April of each year. All program committee chairmen shall submit their proposed operating budgets to the Treasurer and President before March 1st of each year. Each committee's budget shall be approved or otherwise modified as necessary by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer will prepare quarterly reports comparing the yearly budget to actual expenditures.

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OP # 13 Membership in the National Rifle Association shall be a requirement for membership in CKGC. Any application for new membership which has been submitted without the necessary NRA membership number shall be returned to applicant and will not be considered until the applicant Submits an application with the required NRA membership number.
OP # 14

To provide more continuity between officers from year to year and to provide more stability for the club, the following progression of Vice President to President shall apply:

1. A President will not be elected at the Annual Meeting.

2. Only a Vice President will be elected for the following fiscal year.

3. The outgoing President will preside over the Executive Board meetings the first following fiscal year and be an active board member the second fiscal year.

OP # 15 Any member providing instruction for a fee on club property shall maintain insurance to cover their activity, of the types and at the same level of coverage as the club has in force at the time of the instruction. Approval for the activity shall be obtained from the Executive Committee in advance and a current Certificate of Insurance provided to the club before the activity commences.
OP # 16 Any current member who has been in good standing for the past five (5) consecutive years and has reached their 80th birth date will be granted a full paid membership as long as they wish.
OP # 17 Use of firearms equal to or greater than the following cartridge is prohibited at Central Kansas Gun Club's Ranges: .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun). Use of tracer or any type of incendiary or flame producing ammunition of any size or caliber is also prohibited.

Revised May 12, 2003