New High Power Range Rules

Effective May 1, 2004



·        Shooters firing at 600 yard targets with .223/5/56mm ammunition must use bullet weights of 68 grains or heavier.

·        Shooters that are unable to hit their target by the 7th shot will be removed from the firing line.

·        Shooters may only use ammunition that will maintain bullets at supersonic speeds. Shooters will be removed from the firing line for bullets which key- hole at the target because of minimum velocity.




Discretion and judgment of the Match Director as to what constitutes safe ammunition and equipment/rifles will prevail.




Randy Lawrence, Match Director





Rules: Current NRA High Power rules will govern. Open bolt indicators will be required, available at $2.00 each

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Eligibility: Open to all competitors.


Entry Fee: $18.00 ($16.00 for CKGC members) Includes NRA Registration Fee.


Entries: Registration starts at 7:30 and are accepted until 8:15 on match day. Firing starts at 8:30 SHARP!


Classification: NRA classification will be used throughout. Those not having a current classification will fire in the Master class. If a class has less than three shooters, those individuals will fire in the nest higher class, excluding the High Master class. Service rifle and Match rifle will compete together in one category.


Squadding and Scoring: All matches will be squadded and competitors will score and pull targets for each other by relays when firing the 200/300/600 Yd. course.


Course of Fire: 80 Shot Regional Match Course. (88 shots, 800 points).


Match #1: 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record, standing slow fire (single round loading) in 22 minutes. Distance is 200 yards using the “SR” target.


Match #2: 2 Sighting shots and two 10 shot strings for record, from standing to sitting or kneeling, rapid fire with 1 reload in 60 seconds. Distance is 200 yards using the “SR” target.


Match #3: 2 sighting shots and two 10 shot strings for record, from standing to prone, rapid fire with 1 reload in 70 seconds. Distance is 300 yards using the “SR-3” target.


Match #4: 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record, prone slow fire (single round loading) in 22 minutes. Distance is 600 yards using the “MR-1” target.


Match #5: Aggregate of matches 1 thru 4.


Match #6: Long Range Any Rifle / Any Sight. 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record, prone slow fire (single round loading) in 22 minutes. Distance is 600 yards using the “MR-1” target.


The “100 yard reduced” course has the same course of fire but is shot on stationary frames at a distance of 100 yards using official reduced targets.


Awards: Awards will be given to the overall winner in each class, provided at least three shooters for first, four for second and five for third.


*Any Rifle / Any Sight Match: Open match for center fire rifles .35 caliber or less. Telescopic sight allowed. Classification will not be used. Entry fee is $2.00 with 100% payback to top three (50/25/25). 2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record, prone slow fire in 22 minutes. This is shot after the 100 yard reduced match only if one relay is shot.

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The Dean Nelson Traveling Trophy will be awarded to the shooter who has accumulated the most total points of all the matches, excluding Long Range Matches (Match #6).


Food and running water is not available at the range.


For more information contact:


Randy Lawrence                     or           Brent Justice

1313 North Washington                        at

Hutchinson, KS  67501



Rules for Special Matches


200/300/600 yd “April Fools” Match: Match director’s discretion.

1.       Course will go 200/300/600 yards with 88 rounds. 2 sighter shots and 20 shots for record per match.

2.       Shooting positions will be decided by the match director the day of the match.

3.       Be prepared to use your sling in all positions.

4.       All alibis will be counted as saved rounds and no refires. What you shoot is what you score.

5.       Bring extra ammo for possible rapid fire at 600 yards.

6.       Scores will not be turned into the NRA.

7.       $7.00 entry fee per person.

8.       No classification will be used.

9.       Scores will be added towards the Dean Nelson trophy.

10.   Awards: Match winner, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

11.   Information for Yoga book may be used in next years shooting positions.


100 yd Reduced “M1 Garand” Match: Special Trophy

1.       As long as your rifle is a Garand it is legal.

2.       No scopes.

3.       It can be bedded, different caliber, NM or service as issued.


100 yd Reduced “Bolt Action Service Rifle” Match: Special Trophy

1.       Rifle can be bedded, otherwise must be as issued service rifles.

2.       No sniper versions, NM or sporters.

3.       Can only be bolt action service rifles. (Mauser, Swedish Mauser, Arisaka, Enfield, ect.)

4.       Must shoot their original caliber and cartridge. (Swedish Mauser – 6.5x 55, 1903 Springfield – 30-06, ect.)


200/300/600 yd “Service Rifle” Match: Special Trophy

1.       Any NRA and/or CMP classified service rifle is allowed.

2.       No class classification will be used.

3.       Otherwise, current NRA High Power rules will govern.


200/300/600 yd Any Rifle / Any Sight “Battle of the O3’s IV” Match: Special Trophy

1.       4 sighting shots and 20 shots for record, prone slow fire (single round loading) in 24 minutes. Distance is 600 yards using the “MR-1” target.

2.       Receiver, barrel, sights (iron sights only), trigger parts and guard must be service issue. Any modifications must be done to original parts. No after market parts allowed. National Match accepted, but no NRA rifles.

3.       30-06 ammunition only. Hand loaded, store bought, ect. 24 rounds.

4.       Rifle stock – Service grade, sporter (hunting), match grade, 4 X4 with air bag out of wife’s car, tree limb and spare tire off in law’s boat trailer allowed.

5.       Sling – Military, leather or web, any after market hunting type. Choker and/or leash chain from neighbor’s dog or ex girlfriend (or ex wife, mother in law, ect.)

6.       You must shoot it! No hiring, begging or blackmailing somebody else to shoot it for you.





Long Range – Any Rifle / Any Sight:

1.      Competitors shooting in the Long Range – Any / Any after the match will be charged the regular $2.00 entry fee. The registration fee from the regular match will cover the registration for their long range classification.

2.      Walk-ins will be charged $6.50. $4.50 of this will be used for their Long Range registration. The other $2.00 will be used for the normal entry fee. Walk-ins can shoot the Any / Any for $2.00 if they do not want to go for Long Range classification.

3.      It is the competitors responsibility to notify the match director if they want their scores registered for Long Range. This cannot be changed during or after the match.

4.      F class Rifles will be allowed at all of the Long Range - Any / Any’s held after a regular match. (bipods and/or sand bags allowed.)

5.      If you are not classified in Long Range, your High Power classification will be used temporarily until you get classified.



Rookie of the Year Award:

 On occasion, a new shooter shows up at a match wanting to shoot High Power that has not done so before. Their scores will be recorded separately and at the end of the season their scores will be totaled. The Rookie with the most points for the year will receive the award. In the event of a tie, the X count will be used. In the event of an X count tie, a shoot out will be held at the last Any /Any. There will be no charge for this tie breaker situation. The shooters involved must use the same rifles used in the regular matches. (same action, same caliber, open sights)



Other Rules:

1.   Scores from the Long Range Matches, State Warm-Up. State Match, State Leg Match and all Any Rifle / Any Sight Matches will NOT count towards the Dean Nelson Trophy.


       2.   If you don’t want your score turned into the NRA, notify the match director during registration prior to the match.